This unique range of high quality ceramic birdbaths is individually hand-crafted.

The design was developed in consultation with a keen amateur ornithologist, who advised me on the appropriate depth of the dish and the amount of slope of the sides, so as to attract a wide range of birds to bathe and drink. They are individually made, using a variety of forming techniques, and fired to stoneware temperature to render them frost and weather resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

Each birdbath is a unique item, and no two are ever quite the same. The bases are available in a variety of shapes and colours, and the dishes come in a choice of glazes, with textured or embossed decoration. They range in height from around 25cm to 60cm tall, and the dishes are from 35cm to 40cm wide.


The dish is separate from the base for ease of cleaning and refilling, which also allows a mix-and-match approach to purchasing the birdbath, allowing the customer to create an item which is truly individual, and tailored to specific requirements.