Iconic Ceramic Cats

These are individually modelled ceramic cats, each one being a different character, often modelled on a real cat who has caught my eye. The body is simple, tall and slender, built from a large slab of clay, and the head is then directly modelled onto this.

 I generally start with an idea in mind of the sort of features I am aiming for, and I continue to add small pieces of clay to the head, until the character of the cat appears... sometimes this happens quite suddenly. I know when it is time to stop working on a face when I suddenly sense that the cat almost seems to be looking back at me.

I make the cats in batches of seven, which is the number I can fit in my kiln at a time... besides being a suitably mystical number for cats, I feel. They are fired twice and glazed before the second, high temperature, firing. The whole process takes around a day per cat.

Fired to stoneware temperature, they are weatherproof and suitable for positioning in the garden, peeping out from among the foliage or keeping guard over the doorway.